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The HealthyStart™ System: Preventing Orthodontic Concerns in Sugar Land, TX

Kim Ahuja, DDS and her staff are passionate about helping patients of any age prevent serious health issues. This includes a preventive treatment option to deal with improper teeth alignment. RiteSmile Dental provides The HealthStart™ System in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and the surrounding communities. 


What Is HealthyStart?

HealthyStart is a non-invasive treatment plan that prevents the need for orthodontic treatment later in life. Several related health concerns and the need for braces can be minimized, if not fully prevented.

When children are young, their jaws are still growing into their final size and shape. Traditionally, an orthodontist would wait until the last few years of this growth period—that is, when a child becomes a teenager—before applying treatment for bite and teeth misalignments. Standard orthodontic procedures do allow for some preventive care, but even this is not delivered until the child already demonstrates symptoms of malocclusion.

However, the signs of orthodontic health problems can be discovered much earlier in the child’s life, and The HealthyStart System can be used with children as young as five years old. This treatment process involves using one of a series of devices to gently expand the jaw and guide the growth of adult teeth. 

How Does It Work?

Our Sugar Land dental practice begins this treatment process by examining the jaw for signs of potential misalignment. If a potential health issue has been discovered, Dr. Ahuja will find the right HealthyStart device to meet your child’s needs, which will then be fitted to their smile for a comfortable fit. As your child grows, these appliances and a series of maxillofacial exercises helps the jaw and teeth reposition into a healthier configuration. By the time the final device used is removed from the smile, your child will have a healthier, straighter smile.

Why Should My Child Get HealthyStart? 

HealthyStart is a safe, economical way to protect your child’s oral health. The preventive nature of this treatment eliminates the alignment conditions that a patient would have experienced. In select cases, pediatric sleep apnea cases have been resolved by using a HealthyStart appliance. Additionally, this treatment costs less than, and prevents the need for, braces; investing in preventive oral appliances helps you save money.



Contact Us for Preventive Orthodontic Treatment

RiteSmile Dental offers The HealthyStart System in Sugar Land and all surrounding communities. We are happy to help children develop their healthiest smiles. Call us today for more information about HealthyStart.


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