Few Tips for Tooth Fairies

Tooth fairies comes with high expectation as of late. For many of the Tooth fairies that exact level of commitment necessarily goes beyond what they can actually commit to particularly when you consider that most of the children lose their 20 baby teeth throughout their childhood. Quite luckily there is still a way for the busy tooth fairies for the creation of magical memories without hurting your pocket or dousing homes in glitter. Here are five important tips for busy tooth fairies.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

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Feeling a lot of pain in the teeth while sipping something very hot or cold? There might a possibility of an infected tooth or a few teeth. This is the exact situation when the dentist might suggest for a root canal treatment. There are many who worry a lot and hesitate to for this procedure. But there is just nothing to worry since it quite a simple procedure. In addition to this, undergoing this therapy would help not only save the tooth from further infections or problems but also prevent you from undergoing much more costlier dental work.

Daily care for your teeth

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Fresh breath and white teeth creates a great impression about you. On the other hand, bad odor of mouth and yellow teeth can create a bad impression about your personality. So it is very important to know how you can take care of your teeth in the right way.

Tooth brushing
Tooth brushing is considered as a very important step for your oral hygiene; you must brush your teeth two times daily with a toothpaste containing fluoride to remove plaque, food residues and any bacteria in the mouth.

Gum recession

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Gum recession is one of the changes that usually happen as a part of the ageing process. We can face what we call “long in the tooth” as our gum line gets thinner and the teeth exposed. Gum recession occurs due to progressive erosion in the gum which may be hardly noticed as the changes are measured in millimeters. Let us now see how common gum recession is and the possible causes that may lead to this condition.

What Does Fluorosis Look Like?

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Do you have white and brown splotches or streaks on your teeth? If you’re alarmed and beginning to think it’s a form of tooth decay, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s more likely a case of mild to moderate dental fluorosis.

Cracked Teeth, what are they?

Cracked Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

With people living longer and more stressful lives, cracked teeth are seen more and more often at the dentist’s office. Cracked teeth can be challenging to detect for several reasons, most notably that the pain often comes and goes. Because of the short periods of erratic pain, it can be difficult to discern which tooth is the culprit.