Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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One of the most common concern people bring in Dental Visits is about their Bad Breath. Although its more subjective complain. A person may be having bad breath and may not be aware of it while someone could be overly conscious of their bad breath which people around him may not have noticed

What causes bad Breath

In general, its related with poor dental hygiene although there are many other conditions which can cause this problem.

Gum Disease (Periodontal disease)

The food and bacteria around the teeth and on the back of the tongue over time produces Sulphur producing bacteria which leads to a chronic bad smell.

Dry Mouth.

Dry mouth from mouth breathing or some medications leads to occasionally bad breath in mouth.

GERD (Acid Reflux)

Chronic acid reflux of stomach acids besides damaging teeth also is associated with Halitosis.


Tobacco smokers and other Oral Tobacco users will usually have periodontal/gum disease with a constant bad smell in mouth

Medical Problems

Chronic medical conditions also can result Halitosis like Diabetes, Gastritis, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis or failure, Syphilis etc can also give a characteristic bad breath to that patient.

What Can you do to prevent it or Treat it

  • Daily Brushing, Flossing, use of Tongue scraper and professional Dental cleanings is the first step needed for this problem. Over the Counter mouthwashes just mask the problem for a few hours but are generally ineffective. Prescription mouthwash prescribed by your dentist can help if the source of the problem is not a medical condition.
  • If the cause of halitosis is related to a medical problem, then it needs to be addressed by your physician.
  • Avoiding foods like onion, garlic which lead to a strong smell in mouth hours after the meals

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