Few Tips for Tooth Fairies

Tooth fairies come with high expectation as of late. For many of the Tooth fairies that exact level of commitment necessarily goes beyond what they can actually commit to particularly when you consider that most of the children lose their 20 baby teeth throughout their childhood. Quite luckily there is still a way for the busy tooth fairies for the creation of magical memories without hurting your pocket or dousing homes in glitter. Here are five important tips for busy tooth fairies.

1. Deciding Whether Tooth Fairy is Appropriate or Not
Tooth fairy can be celebrated while opting out of Tooth Fairy visits thereby making sure that this dental milestone can even be celebrated without any visits. This can be quite simply done by for going for a video call with the grandparents of the kids to show off that toothless smile. It can also be done by taking a snap for a future photo book or very simply a high five to the kids on growing up.

2. Skipping the Glitter
Glitter can certainly cause a lot of fun since a number of funny things can be done with the glitter for the purpose of creating a feeling of visiting the Tooth Fairy. But this will necessarily cause glitter everywhere which you might be regretting later. Thus, it would be a very good idea to skip the use of glitter.

3. Need Not Get Too Elaborate
Keeping it simple without elaboration is better and only the celebration for the first tooth is recommended. Now, there are basically two reasons for the same. First, you will be required to keep it up for each of the teeth until and unless the Tooth Fairy leaves a special note saying that the celebration is only for the first special tooth. Secondly, the elaborated Tooth Fairy surprise might be a difficult task to explain to the friend of your child who received only a quarter.

4. Staying Consistent Matters
Staying consistent with the ideas is a matter of immense importance in this regard for being within budget. For making it easy and convenient, you can simply decide as to what gift or money item you wish to leave under the pillow of your child and necessarily store them in a box so that you can certainly remember what exactly was done for the last tooth.

5. Always Have a Plan for Backup
Have a backup plan ready always since Tooth fairy – ing does not have to be crazy or of high budget. So, if you are really keen on keeping the magic of Tooth Fairy alive, then as a parent, you should always be prepared to answer the questions of your child regarding the absence of the Tooth Fairy. This makes it quite clear as to why you should necessarily have a backup plan handy in case the need arises.