How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal

When the pulp, the innermost layer of a tooth, is affected by decay, it has to be removed via root canal therapy. However, infections that affect pulp can take some time before signs are readily visible to the average person. By watching for the symptoms below, you can determine if you are likely to need a root canal.

If you notice one or more of the following, call our practice immediately.

Discomfort while Eating

An infected tooth will lead to discomfort while chewing food or when exposed to, to changes in temperature. Talk to our dentist today if you experience this symptom, as it is one of the more common indicators of internal tooth decay. Alternatively, it may be the result of a cracked tooth, which will also require prompt treatment.

Gum Abscesses

Oral bacteria easily spread into the surrounding soft tissue once the tooth’s pulp is infected. This advanced infection can lead to abscesses along the gums. Not only is the health of the infected tooth at stake, but gum tissue is then at risk for damage.

If you begin to notice white, pimple-like bumps along your gums, visit our Sugar Land dentist today. Those bumps are most likely abscesses, and this symptom may point out the need for root canal therapy. When the procedure is complete, your teeth and your gums will be restored to health.

Darkening of the Tooth

As the pulp decays, the inner systems of a tooth darken. If your teeth begin to develop dark spots that do not seem to be surface stains, or that cannot be lifted by whitening products, this could be a sign of advanced pulp decay. In these circumstances, a root canal can save the rest of the tooth.

It should be noted that visible internal staining is one of the last signs to develop, usually occurring when the entire pulp has decayed. Teeth this far into the stages of infection may not be viable for restoration. It is vital that you visit your dentist when the initial signs of discomfort are noticed, in order to give your smile the best opportunity to recover.

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