Understanding Root Canal Treatment

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Feeling a lot of pain in the teeth while sipping something very hot or cold? There might a possibility of an infected tooth or a few teeth. This is the exact situation when the dentist might suggest a root canal treatment. There are many who worry a lot and hesitate to for this procedure. But there is just nothing to worry since it quite a simple procedure. In addition to this, undergoing this therapy would help not only save the tooth from further infections or problems but also prevent you from undergoing much more costlier dental work.

What is Root Canal All About?

A root canal is actually a specialized type of treatment that helps in repairing a tooth which is infected or damaged.  At the time when a tooth is affected with infection or is decayed, the root canal treatment can be considered as one of the most suitable options for treatment. This treatment procedure is also referred to as endodontic treatment. “Root Canal” actually refers to the term used for describing the natural cavity that lies within the center of the tooth.

Procedure of Treatment

The root canal treatment is quite a simple procedure which involves the following steps.

  • The doctor first takes an x-ray of the infected or damaged tooth to identify the exact shape of the root canal, its exact location and the overall spread of the decay.
  • Then local anesthesia is applied so that the surrounding area of the decayed tooth is numbed. This is to make sure that the patient is comfortable and does not feel any pain.
  • The next step is referred to as pulpectomy where a hole is drilled in the infected tooth. The pulp from inside it is taken out along with the bacteria and all other unwanted items.
  • After the complete cleaning is done, the hole so drilled is appropriately filled with gutta-percha material.
  • The ultimate step involves proper sealing after the filling procedure is complete. The sealing is done with a special type of cementing material so that it is permanent.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Some of the major benefits of opting for root canal treatment are as follows.

  • Relief from pain
  • Reduction of sensitivity or swelling
  • The original tooth remains and it is not replaced which makes sure that the gums as well as the jaw stays healthy
  • The tooth can be used as usual without any problems since the crown remains in place
  • No difference is felt in the appearance of the tooth since the crown is designed in such a way that it matches with the rest of your teeth.

Few Myths Associated with Root Canal

There are many who are still not sure to go for a root canal treatment mainly because of a number of myths. Some of the most common myths associated with root canal treatment are as mentioned below.

  • It is a very painful treatment
  • The whole tooth is removed in root canal treatment
  • The nerves of the tooth are completely removed so not pain would exist later on.
  • It requires constant visits to the dentist and the procedure takes a long period of time.
  • Dentist visits are not required after the treatment is done.

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