Black triangles (teeth spaces)

What can I do for the black triangles (teeth spaces) in between my teeth?

The dark spaces between the teeth are usually because of bone loss and gum recession. Generally, for many people, it is a cause of embarrassment.

There are multiple treatment options to address this

1. In some cases, orthodontically moving the teeth together followed by IPR can help in reducing the spaces in between teeth. This option needs a lot of patience and commitment for the ortho treatment whether braces or aligners. It requires regular IPR and moving the teeth close to each other. The success of this option depends on multiple factors, and your dentist or orthodontist needs to evaluate if this is a possible option for you or not.

2. Gum fillers
Like Dermal fillers, there are gum fillers which are injected in the gum space in between the teeth. A minimal amount of filler is inserted in each gum area in between the teeth. The response of filler in each space and is different. If space is vast, multiple attempts may be needed. Also, fillers are not permanent and may last from 6 to 10 months. So regular touchups are needed although, the amount of touchup required is less after a few visits.

3. Bioclear matrix fills
Recently, a new way of white fills to cover the black triangle spaces has gained attention with decent success. It has given some promising results in closing spaces. Its a different way of doing cosmetic fills on the sides of teeth( which includes teeth on both sides of the dark triangle space). It minimizes or closes the space by esthetically making teeth wider along the sides and the contact area in between the teeth

4. porcelain veneers
porcelain veneers is another option to cover the gaps by adding porcelain veneers on the teeth.

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