Why Do I Get So Many Cavities and How Can I Prevent Them?

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One of the most common questions I get as a dentist goes like this, “I brush my teeth everyday then why do I still frequently get cavities; and what can I do to prevent these cavities?”

Here are a few common causes and easy to follow precautions to prevent cavities:

  • Limit the number of times the tooth is exposed to sugar and soft, fermentable carbohydrates to minimize acid attack on the teeth. Also, the pH of saliva has to be neutral and not acidic.
  • Limit in between meal snacks. Limit the starchy, sugary snacks or foods which stick around the teeth.
  • Keep a check on the sugary drinks, sodas, and sports drinks.
  • If you have had sugary or starchy food sticking around teeth, make sure you brush and especially floss so the food is not sticking around teeth.
  • Prefer healthy snacks like carrots, apples, and broccoli. They do not result in sugar or acid attack on teeth.  Since, they need considerable chewing, they stimulate saliva production which in itself has a self-cleansing action on teeth.
  • Floss after meals and use a fluoride toothpaste. String floss is always better than the flossers.
  • If you want to avoid fluoride or fluoride toothpaste does not help, use calcium-based toothpaste which helps in re-mineralizing initially decayed enamel and helps in controlling decay.
  • Use sugar-less chewing gum with xylitol since it stimulates saliva production and helps in cavity control.
  • High caries risk people should limit the frequency of excessive acidic foods and drinks like coffee, tea, sports drink, vinegar, and lemon etc.
  • If you are going through orthodontic treatment or have crooked/crowded teeth, you need to be extra careful with the oral hygiene
  • Avoid chewing ice.
  • Dry mouth from mouth breathing or medications increases the risk of cavities. Use over the counter or prescription saliva producing products.

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