An Overview of Neurotoxins

We all know that aging is a natural process. Aging affects the skin causing wrinkles, fine lines, and several other problems. But all of us love to stay beautiful and young. This is exactly the situation where the anti-aging treatments come to the rescue. Our Sugar Land Dental Clinic makes use of Neurotoxins and dermal fillers as the two anti-aging treatment procedures. The neurotoxins used are Botox & Dysport and the dermal fillers used are Restylane &Juvéderm.


At our clinic, we use Botox and Dysport as anti-aging treatment procedures. Let us delve a bit deeper into these treatment procedures and learn what they are.

  • Botox

Botox is actually produced by the bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. They are injected into the facial muscles in a safe concentration for dealing with the signs of aging. It has created a buzz in the cosmetology market at present and is loved by women. The treatment is quite simple. The medical professional studies the areas of problems in detail. Then a series of injections are put in the right place. Then the muscles freeze or paralyze and stops contracting. Now, the creases so appearing on the skin are smooth and relaxed. Botox is effective in treating wrinkles of the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

  • Dysport

The Dysport injections are not only effective but also very easy to use. These are great in treating the wrinkles of the eyes, brow, neck, and lips. Dysport injections are also effective in treating excessive underarm sweat.

Dermal Fillers

At Sugar Land Dentist, we make use of Restylane and Juvéderm fillers. The dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid. The acid is present in the human body but decreases with age. Hyaluronic acid plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of the skin along with retaining moisture. The dermal fillers work by keeping the level of hyaluronic acid appropriate. This helps in reducing the facial lines and restores the volume of the face. With age, the subcutaneous fat decreases which results in the loss of face’s volume. But with Sugar Land Dentist, you can be assured of re-achieving the same.

Now, at the time of referring to Botox and Filler, most people know of it as an injectable treatment used to combat signs of aging, particularly wrinkles. What many don’t know is that injectables have many other beneficial uses, too — and they might surprise you. Please read through to find out more about the surprising uses as well as the benefits of Botox and fillers.

Sore Jaw and TMJ Pain

Botox is an alternative treatment procedure for pain or jaw tensions associated with temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This joint is located on both sides of the head at the meeting point of the jawbone and skull. TMJ is used at the time of talking, swallowing, eating and several other everyday activities. If this joint is displaced, the person can experience a sore jaw and TMJ pain. Botox injections in this regard help in relieving jaw tension which is quick, straightforward and effective. The patients can feel a noticeable improvement within a day or two after the treatment.

Jaw Slim

Do you grind your jaw at night or when you’re stressed? This becomes a very problematic situation since the overworking of the temporomandibular joint creates jaw tension. Now, this tension causes pain and other difficulties. In this regard, the Botox injections into the masseter muscle help in slimming down the face thereby providing great relief in these conditions.

Nose Job Replacement

If you feel that your nose is not balanced or there are any other irregularities with your nose, you might think that cosmetic surgery is the only option left. But there is an alternate way. The dermal fillers can be used for balancing the nose or even adjust the tip of your nose thereby saving you from going under the knife.

New Smile

Do you feel embarrassed with a gummy smile? Not anymore! Botox can take care of the same. adding a teeny bit of Botox into the area beneath the nostrils can help in lowering the upper lip enough to cover up a smile that shows too much of your upper gums. Surprised!! But it is true that Botox here is used by the Sugar Land Dentist to make sure that your gummy smile does not embarrass you anymore. With Botox, you can also give your lips a great shape which enhances your look.

Eyebrow Boost

Are you looking forward to a little more from your brows? Then at our clinic, we can make use of Botox to raise or lower the arch of your brow for giving you the exact look you want. The experienced doctors at the clinic make sure that the appropriate use of Botox in the right areas is done to provide you with an eyebrow boost.


You would be quite surprised to know that Botox can help in treating migraines too. Botox is injected around pain fibers that are involved in headaches. It then enters the nerve endings around where it is injected and blocks the release of chemicals involved in pain transmission.