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It is the philosophy of Kim Ahuja, DDS to help her patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. This philosophy requires taking several steps to achieve, which we gladly observe for each and every patient. RiteSmile Dental uses the following ideas to provide comprehensive dental care in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Connecting to Our Patients

In order to provide effective dental care, a dentist must fully understand the needs, wants, and concerns a patient has. Without this personal connection, it becomes too easy for a dentist to assume each case can be approached in the same manner.

Dr. Ahuja works to connect with each and every patient she sees. She gets to know them and their health personally, making sure that each procedure delivered matches their particular needs. This includes watching over their comfort carefully for a positive experience. Through this personal relationship, she can treat our patients as effectively as possible.

Checking in for Patient Comfort

Patients can come to our practice for treatment and expect that we will take care of their oral health. What they might not expect is that our concern for their dental care is not limited to treating patients within the walls of our practice.

At RiteSmile Dental, we prefer to make sure our patients are recovering well from any treatment they receive from us. Dr. Ahuja calls our patients after they undergo any procedure at our practice, from root canals to the use of HealthyStart™ appliances, to make sure that they are not experiencing any complications. If complications occur, then our dentist and staff will schedule them to come back in as soon as possible in order to more effectively deliver the care they need.

Serving as Your Neighborhood Dentist

Several of the patients we see are hesitant to trust a new dentist because of a fear of a corporate dental approach. In other words, they are concerned that their dentist will treat them like a number on the list, burning through as many appointments as possible without concern for the quality of care delivered.

RiteSmile Dental works to be Sugar Land’s friendly neighborhood dentist. By this, we mean to emphasize the quality of care we offer in each individual appointment. When patients ask her about the treatment options our Sugar Land dental practice can provide, Dr. Ahuja gives her honest and professional opinion regarding the available choices. We take the time necessary to compare what the patient wants to do with what we believe will best work for their oral health situation to establish the most effective treatment plan for that particular person.

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RiteSmile Dental takes these steps in order to help families in Sugar Land and all surrounding areas get the dental care they need. If this approach to dentistry is desirable to you, call our practice today and schedule your next appointment with us.