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Teeth straightening is a common need among patients for both aesthetic and health reasons. Patients who only need their front teeth realigned have an option that differs from full metal braces or plastic aligning trays. RiteSmile Dental provides Cfast® Braces in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and the surrounding communities.

What is Cfast?

Cfast is a brand of braces that serves the cosmetic and pragmatic needs of patients who have mild teeth misalignment cases. This system is based on the proven brackets and wires method of standard braces, but minimizes their noticeable metallic nature. The brackets are made of dental porcelain, a body-safe material which looks like natural, healthy tooth enamel. While the arch wire is still made of nickel titanium, it is colored white to blend into the smile along with the brackets. 

Sugar Land Cfast Clear Braces

With Cfast, your front teeth can be discreetly straightened into a more uniform appearance. Many people will not know that you are wearing braces.

Advantages of Cfast


Cfast is one of several orthodontic options that you can choose. Because each patient’s particular case is different, our goal us to help you understand the advantages of these tooth-colored braces. Our Sugar Land Cfast braces provider works together with patients to develop a treatment plan and determine if this procedure will need their needs.

One of the key benefits of Cfast is its blend of cosmetic application and efficient resolution. Because the brackets and wires are designed to look natural, they do not stand out in the smile the way that traditional braces do. However, the materials are still able to dependably move the anterior teeth for a more attractive smile. Not only does Cfast make your smile better match your desired image, but these braces also prevent the oral health complications that mild teeth misalignment can cause. When compared to other cosmetic teeth alignment options, Cfast is better able to balance the aesthetic alterations orthodontic treatment causes to the smile and the effectiveness of the end result.

Additionally, as the name implies, Cfast Braces are a quick way to achieve results. Traditional braces have to be worn for several years in order to provide results for comprehensive misalignment. Invisalign is fast, but this can quickly change if a patient fails to wear the aligners for a minimum of twenty hours a day. Cfast, in contrast, has an average treatment time of four to six months. Each of these treatments does require the use of a retainer after treatment in order to produce permanent results, but if you only need to realign the front teeth, Cfast still takes the least amount of time to complete initial treatment.

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