Restoring Lost Teeth in Sugar Land with Dental Implant Restorations

Kim Ahuja, DDS and her staff understand the importance of having a whole, healthy smile. If one or more teeth have been lost, our practice can add the final prosthetic to the most effective missing tooth replacements in dentistry. RiteSmile Dental provides dental implant restorations in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and the surrounding communities.

Adding the Restoration to the Smile

Dental implants are made of multiple parts, and the dental implant restoration is the part that serves as your visible tooth. It needs both to blend into the smile for the appearance of a natural tooth and to chew food effectively for years to come. This prosthetic can be:

  • A single crown used with one implant post, useful for replacing a single missing tooth.
  • A fixed bridge supported by between two or six posts, which replace a continuous section of missing teeth.
  • A full denture on four to six posts that replaces a full arch of missing teeth.

Our Sugar Land dental practice adds these restorations to the appropriate amount of posts, completing the treatment process that allows you to replace your missing teeth. We plan out the design of your prosthetic when you begin to undergo the dental implant process, and the new teeth are fabricated at a dental lab while you are healing from dental implant placement. We have you try on the restoration to make sure it fits. Once we know your new teeth will be comfortable and serve your health needs effectively, your restoration is permanently added to your implant posts.

What Must Be Done First

In addition to adding the restoration, we provide initial implant consultations to our patients. If you are curious about dental implants, Dr. Ahuja can determine if you are eligible for them and inform you of the overall process.

Before you can receive a dental implant restoration, you must first have the implant posts placed into your jaw. These titanium rods are artificial tooth roots and the reason why dental implants are the most effective tooth restoration available. When you arrive to RiteSmile Dental for your dental implant consultation, Dr. Ahuja refers you to a trusted oral surgeon who will be placing the posts. Our dentist also helps develop the placement of the implant posts by carefully examining your smile, creating placement guides, and sending them to the oral surgeon.

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RiteSmile Dental offers dental implant restorations near Sugar Land. For more information, or to schedule an implant consultation, call our practice today!

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