Dental Implants

Dr. Ahuja is a restorative dentist with an eye for quality and aesthetics. The dental implants we provide are of the highest grade materials and provide our patients renewed peace of mind. These implants allow them to enjoy a sense of health and vigor when it comes to their teeth and smile.

When you come to Dr. Ahuja because you are missing one or more teeth, she will speak with you about the range of options we offer. Dental implants can be both permanent and comfortable.

Dental implants become roots for teeth that have fallen out. Your replacement teeth are carefully designed to match and enhance the rest of your smile.

Dental Implant Placement

This small titanium post anchors the tooth to your jaw and supports it from within. With a dental implant your prosthetic tooth has virtually the same amount of stability as your natural teeth. The post not only helps hold your tooth in place, but it also acts to help your jaw stay healthy and viable.

If we determine a dental implant is right for you, we’ll schedule an office visit to coincide with the oral surgeon who places the post or posts. This minor surgical procedure is completed with the utmost care and in the least invasive way possible.

After the post has been placed, you’ll be given a rest period, usually around 4-6 months. This allows you time to heal and time for the posts to bond to the surrounding bone in your jaw, adding to the security of your replacement teeth. Once you’ve healed, you’ll return to receive your replacement teeth.