Dental Technology

At Rite Smile Dental, we do everything in our power to make your dental experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Part of that includes bringing the latest innovations in dental technology right to you.

Using this technology means we can better help you reach your optimum oral health. Our office employs a wide variety of innovations and amenities.


Dental X-rays are essential in helping us deal effectively with many oral health issues. They allow us to find and diagnose problems accurately, as well as to provide valuable information about your teeth, gums, and jaw—information which is not visible to the naked eye.

With this extremely accurate look inside your mouth, we can create an effective and personalized treatment plan specifically for you.

We use dental X-rays because detecting and treating problems as early as possible means saving you time, money, and pain. Ultimately, x-ray technology helps give you an optimal dental experience.


As a dental office, it’s part of our job to be on the alert for any oral health issues. Oral cancer is just one of many problems we keep out a sharp eye for. Innovations in technology allow us to do this more effectively than ever.

To screen for signs of cancer, we use a light that detects unhealthy tissue, which will reflect darker. Early detection dramatically increases our ability to successfully treat cancer, making this screening a vital and lifesaving process.


For many dental procedures, we need to take very precise measurements of your mouth. This allows us to craft crowns, bridges, dentures, and veneers that will fit perfectly and work as they should.

This process was once done by making a mold of your mouth with a medical-grade material similar to plaster. In this digital age, however, we no longer need to use such a material. In fact, we no longer need a physical mold at all!

Digital scanners can measure your entire mouth with incredible accuracy and recreate an exact 3D model on the computer. Using this model, we can digitally design your dentalware with the precision your mouth deserves.


Sometimes, the sound of dental work can cause anxiety and tension to patients. If you fall into that category, ask about our ultra-quiet headphones and iPads. You can listen to music, movies, or TV shows, in order to take your mind off the work being done.


Use our comfortable blankets as added security while we work on your teeth. Wrapping up in a blanket is a great way to de-stress, and we want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible.

At Rite Smile Dental, we strive to make your visit to our office as pleasant as possible. Give us a call today so we can keep your smile healthy and bright.