Root Canal

The words, “root canal” give most people pause. In fact, having root canal therapy can save your tooth and prevent you from having to experience further, more costly dental work. Thankfully, most of the time root canals are a relatively simple procedure.

Each of your teeth has pulp at its center. The pulp is a collection of blood vessels that help keep the tooth alive. If that pulp gets infected because of decay or through a crack in your tooth, you’ll typically feel pain, and experience swelling or sensitivity.

To rectify the situation, Dr. Ahuja will remove the infected pulp and thoroughly clean your root canal system, then seal it off so that further infection cannot occur. She’ll use local anesthesia to numb the area so that you’ll feel more comfortable during the procedure.

Often this procedure can be completed in only one or two visits, and the success rate is very high—around ninety percent. In some few cases, we’ll refer you to an endodontist. Often, we’ll recommend that you receive a crown to protect your tooth from further damage.

Benefits of Receiving Root Canal Treatment

  • You can keep your original tooth, which also means your gums and jaw stay healthy.
  • You can use your tooth as usual. With the crown in place, your tooth is strong and healthy again.
  • Your tooth won’t look noticeably different. Your crown will be designed to match the rest of your teeth.
  • You will feel relief from the pain, sensitivity, and/or swelling.

Suffering from the pain of an infected tooth is unnecessary. Root canal therapy is a proven and effective way to preserve your tooth and help regain its function. Call today for a consultation to discuss this option with Dr. Ahuja.